I think 6 months ago a day like today would have overwhelmed me, and it’s that’s not progress nothing is.


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are you kidding me look at this perfect dress.



Floral Crowns and bra burning. 

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omg almost 7k. 

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thealicefanclub replied to your post “I just started wondering if most people who like ~minimalist decor~…”

Im very conflicted about whether im more intorverted or extraverted, because Im pretty comfortable socially but im not dependent on social interaction. Anyway my room is a private cluttered space that I choose to rarely share with people.

You’re probably an ambivert.

I just started wondering if most people who like ~minimalist decor~ are extroverts (I don’t mean that most extroverts would be into minimalism at all). Like, extroverts having purely fuctional spaces that are useful for either having people visit or getting things that need to be done, done, in the brief space between being outside with people. And introverts making comfortable nests that feel safe and secure and are beneficial to alone-time hobbies.



this is basically my favourite picture of all time.

oh my god same. this is like a classical painting where they put all sorts of symbolism in it and over the top dramatic poses and gestures.

this is still the best

thequeeradventures asked: Hey you! <3 How are you? I really love your drawing and wanted to ask you a professional thing if you dont mind (because I am thinking about doing an illustration online course). What made you choose illustration over graphic design (was it that?). What would you ideally like to do after? Are you so happy you are doing it? But most importantly: do you think we can manage to stay forever in a cute introvert bubble and never face real life? Thank you! xxx

Hello! I am wonderful, ta :)

Gosh, those are big questions.

I did study graphics before illustration. I think I got into the idea of graphic design because I’d completely lost confidence in my artistic skills when I was a teenager (I wasn’t great at drawing and was fooled by the idea that technical skill is the most important thing and you must have it RIGHT AWAY) - but I wanted to do something creative and liked using computers so I thought it was The Thing For Me. After a while I realised that the work it would lead completely disinterested me - I don’t really want to create logos or fiddle around with typography and layouts or branding etc etc… and I much prefer working with different hand-done processes (not that that’s impossible to do with graphic design also).

It depends on course-to-course, but illustration at Brighton at least is really broad. I was actually leaning towards fine art too, but I was drawn (no pun intended) to illustration because I think it’s more accessible to people who aren’t trained in art - to enjoy and understand. There’s less pretentiousness around it, because if you don’t understand the message and meaning behind the work - it’s a failing of the illustrator. But yeah, I’m happy I’m doing this, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. There’s been a lot of emphasis on personal development and finding your own voice. The best parts of studying is 1. being surrounded by people who you can talk to your work about and constructively criticise it to push it further and 2. the use of equipment! So I’m not sure how much of that you could get from an online course.

I’m still not sure what I’d like to do after. It probably won’t be any kind of ‘traditional’ illustration job, like editorial/advertising/corporate, because I don’t think I’d do a very good job working on something creative on a subject I don’t feel any personal connection to or has the main aim of making someone lots of money. Some of the things I’ve day-dreamed about are: artist residencies, working with some kind of group that does activism/education or helps make art accessible to more people, having a studio/shop and selling affordable art that somehow allows me to still survive, working in a print making (or some other kind of technical) studio. I have a dream art space in my head where there’s a gallery and a cheap shop (fairly made art?) and open-access facilities for people to use and a zine library.

I think a introvert bubble AND facing real life is possible, we just have to find our own way to do it. In fact I think it’s completely necessary. xx


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Message for het couples: lesbian/bi/pan/queer women are not tools for you to use to add spice to the bedroom or fan the flames of your dwindling sex life, please stop objectifying us

YUP. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with more than one person at the same time, but I get requests for this ALL THE TIME and it’s always in the context of being mff. Apparently bi/queer-men don’t get this. 

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